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Tambor and Cobano Costa Rica

The Tambor airstrip has been in operation for 40 years and has been flying over the Pacific into that tiny airstrip giving passengers the sensation that the wings of the plane would touch the water just before you landed. With time there is always growth, and the airstrip will stay open for a while but will more than likely close with the new airport of Cobano officially opening on October 15th. The Nicoya Peninsula, one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful jewels, has been discovered. With the increase in tourism, development, and the draw of the rich and famous to the ever-most popular surf town of Santa Teresa, there was no question that, eventually, a bigger airport would be needed. The fastest way out to the Peninsula is by air, with a flight duration of 25 minutes. Otherwise, it is either by bus or car, and the drive time is between 4-6 hours depending on the traffic and state of the roads! Air travel is definitely the way to go!


Cobano is the hub of the Peninsula and brings you closer to the beaches of Montezuma (7 minutes) and Santa Teresa (17 minutes). At the new airport, you will not be waiting outside for the roar of your plane to come in but inside the AC with options for shopping, dining, rental cars, excursions, and more! The airstrip is longer and will host larger planes, allowing for more passengers! A new era has begun, which is always exciting… but Mal Pais Properties will miss the old airport, standing outdoors, listening for the macaws, and watching the planes fly. For those who have been here for many years, the old Tambor airport strip will bring us nostalgia