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Tambor and Cobano Costa Rica

The Tambor airstrip has been in operation for 40 years and has been flying over the Pacific into that tiny airstrip giving passengers the sensation that the wings of the plane would touch the water just before you landed. With time there is always growth, and the airstrip will stay open for a while but […]

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Investing in Costa Rica

Investing in Costa Rica Costa Rica famous for its amazing beaches, flora and fauna, volcanoes, and jungles has become over the years a very popular destination for retirees, new business ventures, and families looking for a lifestyle change. If you are looking to retire, thinking about relocating for a business venture or simply wanting a […]

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A Paradise in Malpais Costa Rica

Malpais (9°36’03 N, 85°08’36 W) is a town in Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica which began as a fishing and cattle-farming village, and has become popular among surfers and adventure travelers around the world. Recently, Forbes Magazine voted the beaches of Malpais and neighboring Santa Teresa as “One of the ten most beautiful in the world.” […]

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