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Wonderful Mountain MAP 55



Wonderful Mountain is 225-acre propety in the mountains of Mal Pais next to Cabo Blanco National Park. Our sprawling land forms a contiguous stretch of forest with Costa Rica´s oldest nature reserve. Wonderful Mountain is a mosaic of jungle, rolling hills, mountains, and streams with liking trails throughout and many plateau views of the light sandy beaches of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa. The beach is orly 1 mile away dowhill and many of Costa Rica´s finest surf beaks are within minutes. For people seeking a tranquil setting to decompress, Wonderful Mountain offers an oasis where the orly rounds you will hear are the grousing of Howler Monkeys and symphony of birds. At nights, the strategically planted Ylang Ylang trees emit a perfumed scent that surrounds the compound. Animal planet has sent several teams to shoot footage of the abundant wildlife and stunning topography.

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