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Pre Sale Project in San Isidro Right Above the Malpais/Playa Carmen Area ST 249 “SOLD”


This project in Santa Teresa immediately stands out as one of the most innovative real estate developments in Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. World-renowned as an eclectic beach community ideal for a healthy dose of bohemian vibes and tropical delights, Santa Teresa is also well represented on the luxury front, an area that project comes to revitalize with its forward-thinking real estate design.
This project in Costa Rica is a seamless blend upscale ethos with Santa Teresa’s uncharted appeal. Every finish and small detail incorporates the area’s natural surroundings, where abundant tropical jungle, spectacular ocean views and an enveloping laid back atmosphere all come together.
With an inspired layout that highlights the Pacific Coast’s natural lighting and fresh air, an aesthetic that celebrates the coastal tones and colors, and a myriad of amenities that go from walking trails to yoga shalas, this project is your way to a life of tropical luxury.


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