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Playa Tabu MAP 60


An entrepreneurs dream!
Step into an amazing opportunity as a business owner of the best commercial beach front property in Playa Carmen in the heart of the town!
This large piece of beach front paradise has a park like setting with its many trees and right in front is one of the favorite surf spots in the area!
This is the ideal property for a hotel and more, the location could not be any better…..
The property is divided into 2 different plans.
1) The concession property right on the beach, measurement: 10.390,01 m2 with a wide frontage of 60 Meter, zoned for Hotel, concession is granted for the next 20 years. At request we will send you the information on the zoning and his regulations.
2) Titled land on main road, measures 2.475,85 m2 and due to the public road bordering the property you are allowed to develop a commercial center with several floors , for example a shopping center on the first floor with offices and stores to rent/sell and apartments on the second floor with great value because of its direct access to the beach and it´s un-obstructive view of the ocean.

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